Formulated and recommended by Specialist Nutritionists

Top Dog foods have been formulated by specialist animal nutritionists to provide your family dog with all the essential nutritional elements needed to keep him in the best health and condition.

Today’s companion dogs are, more than ever before, a part of the family. Proper nutrition is essential to ensure their good health and well-being, and this is what Top Dog tm provides.

Top Dog contains animal proteins in preference to vegetable proteins for your family’s best friend. This suits their digestive system, and they will love the flavour.


Top Dog is a premium dog food made from high quality ingredients. These are formulated in a scientific manner to achieve the correct proportions of nutrients needed for optimal feeding during every stage of your dog’s life.

The range utilizes the most recent nutritional science to optimize physiological functions, while the development of degenerative diseases is minimized.
Top dog has a smooth even texture which is a result of careful preparation and cooking of ingredients. This ensures maximum digestibility, which in turn ensures that your dog need not eat large volumes of food to obtain adequate nutrition. Our natural meaty flavors will ensure palatability, so even the most discerning of puppy palates will enjoy their Top dog meal.

Carefully selected ingredients achieve the best results:


Top Dog products contain a high proportion of animal proteins that are imported to ensure the best quality available. These include meat and bone meal, poultry meal and fish meal. Added amino acids ensure a superior biological profile is available to your dog.

Vitamins, Minerals & Anti-oxidants

Top Dog supplies a complete range of vitamins and minerals. Calcium is included at the corrected ratio to phosphorus, i.e. 1.2:1 to 1.4:1
Zinc as a trace element has been added in organic form to ensure complete and rapid absorption, this plays an important role in good quality skin and coat. Antioxidant nutrition is now generally considered beneficial. Top Dog uses a range of these nutrients to increase the natural antioxidant capacity of the dog. This helps to slow the onset of aging and the development of degenerative disease.


Our special blend of fats supply generous amounts of the essential linoleic acid and maintain an ideal ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids. This greatly helps to maintain your dog’s shiny health coat and skin.

Why Us

Top Dog is a premium dog food made from high quality ingredients. These are formulated in a scientific manner to achieve the right proportions of the nutrients so that your dog is fed in an optimal way during every stage of life.

The Top Dog range utilises the most recent nutritional science to optimise physiological and mental functions in your dog while the development of degenerative diseases is minimised.


Top Ingredients

Top Dog Nutritional Specification:

Top Dog Options

Top Dog Puppy (1 to 12 months)

The growth of your puppy is extremely rapid in the early phase, so the energy
requirement between 4 and 8 weeks of age is much higher than that of an adult
dog. Our puppy food is specially formulated to meet the requirements of the
growing dog during the first few phases of life. 

Small Breed Adult (12 months and up)

Feed to small adult dogs from 12 months of age. The kibbles are small for a small mouth
and stomach. The feeding recommendation will sustain optimum body condition at
normal activity. This food had added joint protecting agents which means that it can be
fed safely even to your geriatric dogs.

Top Dog Adult (12 months and up)

Our adult range is formulated as a healthy maintenance diet but also for active and
working dogs. In adult dogs it is important to take the individual dogs’ body
condition into account, as activity levels vary greatly. 

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